What you Need to Know about Fishing Barnes Lake

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2021 Contest Winners

Congratulations to All!


  • 1st     Rick McKissen  20 In. 4 Lb.
  • 2nd    Alex Nikora  20 in. 3 lb. 12 oz.
  • 3rd     Dennis Suszynski   19 3/4 in.  12 oz.


  •  1st   Bill Behnke   8 3/4 in.  6 oz.
  • 2nd   Alex Nikora    8 1/2 in.  8 oz. 
  • 3rd   John Rickord   8 1/8 in.  5 oz.


  • 1st   Al Ludwig   15 1/2 in.   2 lb.
  • 2nd   Alex Nikora   15 in.   1 lb. 12 oz. 
  • 3rd   Dena  Stratton   13 3/4 in.   1 lb. 8 oz.  


  • 1st   Alex Nikora   7 in.   2 oz.
  • 2nd   John Rickord   5 1/2 in.   1 oz.
  • 3rd   No Entry


  • 1st   Alex Nikora   29 in   5 lb. 10oz
  • 2nd   Ed Tyler   28 in.   3 lb. 14oz. 
  • 3rd   John Rickord   26 3/4 in.   4 lb. 3 oz.


  • 1st    Alex Nikora   28 1/2 in.   8 lb. 12 oz.
  • 2nd   John Rickord   23 1/8 in.   4lb. 1 oz.
  • 3rd   Al Ludwig   22 in.   3 lb. 8 oz.  

General Barnes Lake Fishing Rules

Barnes Lake is located within Deerfield Township, Lapeer County, Michigan.  Barnes Lake is a private lake that is maintained and enjoyed by of all property owners within Deerfield Park, Deerfield Park #1 and Deerfield Park # 2.  The cost of maintaining Barnes Lake is through a special assessment included in winter property tax bill each year.  Maintenance includes the following:

  • Preserving a healthy fishery within Barnes Lake is stocking our lake each year
  • Study and analyzing the water quality 
  • Removal of invasive species
  • Goose round-up
  • Aquatic vegetation control
  • Dredging to maintain navigability of its waters

In order to sustain a healthy fish population, certain rules and regulations are in place to improve recreational value of our lake for Park property owners and their guests:


  • State of Michigan fishing regulations apply
  • You shall have a State of Michigan fishing license
  • You shall abide by the seasonal and size limits when fishing
  • Tip-Ups are to be attended
  • Guest must be accompanied by a property owner/renter, or a guest shall have a letter on their possession from a property owner giving him or her permission to fish.  The property owners name, address and a valid telephone number shall be on the letter.
  • Guests are limited to two per property owner

If a person is fishing without a property owner present and does not have a letter from the property owner, they will be asked to leave Barnes Lake and if needed, with assistance of the Lapeer County Sherriff’s office.

Respectfully Yours,

Barnes Lake Club and Barnes Lake Improvement Board

Fishing Contest Rules

Fishing Contest Rules:

  1. Contestant must be a member of the Barnes Lake Club in good standings.
  2. Entry fish must be caught in Barnes Lake.
  3. Entry fish must be caught during legal season.
  4. Entries place in the contest is based on length. Weight is the tie-breaker.
  5. There is only a summer contest.
  6. Only one prize in each category will be awarded per household.
  7. The categories shall include: Bass, Crappie, Pike, Bluegill, Perch and Walleye.
  8. Fish must be entered within one day of being caught.
  9. Measurements and weights will be recorded and the winners will be announced at the end of the contest in the Barnes Lake Observer.
  10. Contestants must have a fishing license.

Summer dates- April 1st to October 31st- April Fool’s Day to Halloween.

Prizes for each category are:     

  • First place……………….$35
  • Second place…………..$25
  • Third place………………$15


  • John Rickord    551 Beach Place   793-2078 /  cell: 358-2215
  • Doug Tuttle      380 Peninsula Dr.  cell:  (810) 441-2205
  • Mari Roach      833 Woodlawn Dr.  793-1819

It would be appreciated by the judges if you call first before stopping by with your fish unless you see them out in the yard.