We had a great turnout for this year’s Bike and Golf Cart Parade!   The parade started at the parking lot at the beach. At Noon we took off to go around the lake. We had 30 bikers (there were adults, too) and 40+ golf carts.  

There were 2 refreshments stops along the way – 1st at Hank & Nancy Garner’s house and 2nd at Mark and Kerry Ludwig’s house.  We ended back at the beach to award the kids for best decorated bikes. 

Thank you to everyone who helped make the parade a success!!!  Your efforts are so greatly appreciated!!

One thought on “Bike and Golf Cart Parade 2022 by Teresa Rolland

  1. Kudo’s to Barnes Lake Club and its’ awesome Board. Love the detailed website and newsletter. Good Job!!! Can’t wait to see the history page(s) about Barnes Lake. Should be awesome. Our cottage has sink drains with dates of April, 1936, and was owned by Alma, Ernest, and Chester Palmberg, who we think were the original owners, but we haven’t been able to find early property information. We have been on Barnes Lake as weekenders since 1978, which is 44 long wonderful years ago. Lots of great memories of our early years at Barnes Lake, especially when our daughter was young and enjoying all the exceptional summertime kids activities. She even had swim lessons at the beach and other fun games and things during the summer months. It provided absolutely better than most childhood memories for her and her buddies next door,. They are all 40 year old adults now and not in the area, but our daughter wants to take over the cottage steeped in all it’s memories next year. She will do this with friends who live in the metro Detroit area, as she’s in Florida (as a teacher) and will only be there mostly in the summer months. It’s become a little too much of a chore for us to keep up, so it’s time to pass the torch. Thank you, Barnes Lake, for the awesome job you do, like no other, and within an hours drive of our home making it easy to go to and from and not have to deal with all the I-75 traffic to get to any other lake home.


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