2022 Barnes Lake Club Picnic by Pam Reid


The Barnes Lake Annual Members Picnic held on Saturday, August 6th was a total success, even with temperatures in the upper 90’s! This is another event that the Barnes Lake Club holds each year to support our Barnes Lake community and is a great day for everyone to meet our neighbors! The Barnes Lake Annual Member Picnic brings the community together to enjoy each other’s company, eat good food, watch kids play games, and win raffle prizes. This year the picnic had a greater turnout than years prior, with 13 more community members attending and an additional $ 368.00 raised. Our picnic is only successful each year because of this great community we live in and all of its volunteers.   

There are so many wonderful people that work to put this event together successfully. This year, Melinda Bradley took on a new role in the difficult task of getting all of the raffle items together.  Melinda and her team did an outstanding job collecting raffle items! I would also like to give a big thank you to the Barnes Lake Community Members who donated so many terrific items for the raffle! We are thankful to have Wally Dotson be such a big part of this event. This year, Wally used his woodworking skills to create a table for our raffle. His finished product was an oval table with a drawer to hold remote controls, along with a glass top. Below the glass top on the table, Barnes Lake was engraved into the wood with contours to show the lake’s depth painted in blue. Wally added a fishing boat to give it another degree of detail. It was truly an amazing piece!

There are many others that helped in making this event so wonderful for our community. Sending big thank-you’s to all of my neighbors below in being a part of our picnic this year:

  • Linda Zukonik and Pat Betcher event organizer’s, food pick-up and help as needed
  • Mo Bradley, Carolyne Costello, Sherry Osborne who collected and set-up raffle items prior to the event
  • Sherry Osborne who sold raffle tickets for Wally Dotson donated hand-crafted beautiful table
  • Alex Nikora, Ron Mills, Pat Betcher, Ozzi Osborne, and Rick Dickson who set-up canopies and moved the picnic table back and forth as needed for the picnic.
  • Rod Mills in selling raffle tickets
  • Mike and Toni Beauvais, Pat Rickord and Kathy Shabel who greeted people as they came to the picnic.
  • Lori and Rich Dickson, Jenele Thompson and Lori Campbell who served food to everyone
  • Samantha (Pats Betcher Daughter) ran the kid’s games.  This year she had a crazy game where the kids covered their heads with shaving cream and another kid through cheese puff balls at the kids with shaving cream trying to get them to stick in the shaving cream.  It was hilarious to watch, and the kids had a terrific time.
  • Mary Bentley assisted in getting information about the picnic out to the Barnes Lake Community
  • Boy Scouts who donated for our use and set-up their tents and canopies for the event.
  • Bryans Market who catered the event

To all who made this year’s picnic a success…..Thank-You!!!!!!!!  You are simply amazing! 

Again, we really hope more of you join the Barnes Lake Club for the minimal cost of only $50.00.  Please remind your neighbors and any new neighbors to join the Barnes Lake Club! The listof our paid members is on the Barnes Lake Club Website.  If your neighbor is not on the list, please encourage them to join. Help keep our Barnes Lake community and lake safe, friendly, and private. Joining is even easier with PayPal, in using PayPal and additional $5.00 is charged to cover PayPal fees.

Annual Picnic Update by Linda Z.

Hello ALL Barnes Lake Club Members!  

Our Annual Members Picnic is Saturday, August 6th, at the beach.
From noon to 2pm.

Come socialize with your neighbors new and old!

Enjoy lunch, kids games, & raffle with all the Awesome Prizes to win!
The past years we have received many donations from all our good neighbors.

If you would like to donate a prize Big or Small, please text or call Melinda Bradley at (810) 417-1594. Leave your name & cell number & Melinda will text or call you back with a convenient time for you to deliver your donation to her home. 

Please call or text Linda Z at (810) 441-7042 if you would like to volunteer at the Picnic, (Set-up, Clean-up, Lunch Server, Greeter, Prize Committee), please leave your name & cell number. 

Looking forward to seeing you all at our Annual Members Picnic


Barnes Lake Club