September 1, 2021
​Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM

Board Members Present: Pam Reid, Del Shoopman, Lacy Minard, Cece Stramsak, Pat Betcher, Teresa Rolland, Brian Menard, and Alex Nikora. Absent: Derek Morey

Guests: Oliver VanBuren, Burt Bentley, Ed & Sue St. Pierre, Rich & Laurie Dickson, Debbie Shea, Tom & Laurie Petts, Doug Macha, Linda Zukonik, Burns Rolland.

Minutes of Last Meeting:  Brian Menard made a motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting and was seconded by Del Shoopman. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Brian Menard made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report and was seconded by Del Shoopman. Motion passed.

Membership Update:  We have 243 members which is the same amount that we had the last time we did the directory.

Bills for Payment: The concert bill from Labor Day for $500.

Special Events Reports:

  • A. Annual Members Picnic: Linda Zukonik gave us an update on the money earned from the picnic and the sources. We had a total of 208 people (50 were kids) and we earned a total of $3143!
  • B. Flotilla: The flotilla made $870 and at the peak of the day 22 boats were counted in the tie up.
  • C. Concert at the Beach 9/4: We are all set for the date with the band and set up.
  • D. Halloween Party 10/16: This was tabled until the October meeting.

Beach/Pavilion Maintenance Report:  Alex reported that some people tried to use the beach with an old card that no longer had access and don’t live here. The buoys will come in in mid October.

Park Lot Maintenance: There are 65 registered spots and 13 still open. Alex will work with the Park Lot Committee and get prices for new stickers for next year’s registered boats. Alex Nikora made a motion to get new stickers for park lot boats for the next 3 years with the cost not to exceed $200. A roll call vote was taken and the board unanimously agreed.

Scouting Report:  Teresa reported that the Scouts are excited for a new year to begin. They had their summer camp in July at Ransbury Scout camp in Indiana. 16 Scouts and 4 leaders attended. They were able to earn 65 merit badges. They also had 3 Scouts attend the leadership camp this year.

Barnes Lake Improvement Board: Burns Rolland reported that we’ve had a total of 4 sprays this year and that will be the end of it for 2021. Clark Aquatic Services will be coming out to see the purple loosestrife which is everywhere in parts of the lake. Lily pad sprays will begin soon and Dean Thatcher is coordinating that effort. Dredge contracts have been reviewed and the amount of feet to go out and dredge is being adjusted.
Correspondence: none

Old Business:

  • A. BLC PayPal Business Update: Derek has it all set up and ready to go. He will get together with Cece soon for a test run before we roll it out on the website and in the mailings.
  • B. Park Lot V survey: The check was received and work should commence before winter.
  • Lawsuit: There are no updates but we will know something by September 15th.

New Business: 

  • A. Park Lot Concerns: Oliver VanBuren expressed concerns that there are too many boats on the lots and if we could allow less of them. He also wondered if he would be allowed to put a boat lift in his spot. Alex Nikora said that 9 feet is the minimum amount they will put between boats and that he’ll bring the lift up at the next committee meeting.
  • B. BLC member stickers: Linda Zukonik said that she and Ed would like to pay for another round of the stickers for the next season.
  • C. Email List: Teresa brought up asking if we should have an email list for anyone who’d like to see the agenda and financials before the club meetings.
  • D. Fall Observer: Articles are due September 15th.
  • E. Steve Shea Memorial Fireworks Donations: Pat Betcher asked if there was anything else that Debbie Shea would like to do with the money that would be a more permanent donation. Since the fireworks were what people donated for, Debbie would like to keep the money for that but maybe throw in some more and unique fireworks then the ones that are usually seen. Pat will talk to the fireworks company and see what they can come up with. Concerns were brought up about how people might react in future years when the money and fireworks show isn’t as spectacular. We figured that if we advertise in the Observer and make people aware of the circumstances that it will take care of the issue. The rest of the discussion was tabled until after Pat talks to the fireworks company.

Del Shoopman made a motion to adjourn and was seconded by Brian Menard. The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.
Respectfully submitted, Lacy Minard

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