October 6, 2021
Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM

Board Members Present: Pam Reid, Del Shoopman, Lacy Minard, Cece Stramsak, Pat Betcher, Teresa Rolland, Brian Menard, and Derek Morey. Absent: Alex Nikora

Guests: Jackie & Cory Compau, Doug & Karen Tuttle Burt Bentley, Richard Dickson, Tom & Laurie Petts, Doug Macha, Linda Zukonik, Burns Rolland.
We observed a moment of silence in honor of Paula Bridges and Brian Rumley.

Minutes of Last Meeting:  Del Shoopman made a motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting and was seconded by Cece Stramsak. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Pat filled us in on item A. from Old Business “The Steve Shea Fireworks Donations”. He spoke with the fireworks company about a show with a bigger bang within the same time frame and they said it was feasible. The memorial garnered around $3,655.00 which would be put towards the fireworks in addition to what the club already pays. Brian Menard made a motion to spend $9,655.00 on fireworks for the 2022 show and a roll call vote was taken. Pam Reid-yes, Del Shoopman-yes, Lacy Minard-yes, Cece Stramsak-yes, Pat Betcher-yes, Teresa Rolland-yes, Brian Menard-yes, Derek Morey-yes. Motion carried. Lacy Minard made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and was seconded by Pat Betcher. Motion passed.

Membership Update:  We have 246 this year.

Bills for Payment: None

Special Events Reports:

  • A. Coffee Hour: 6 people attended, and it was rainy and cold.
  • B. Concert on the Beach 9/4: The concert was fun and well attended with many new neighbors there.
  • C. Halloween Party 10/16: Pam will call around 8 volunteers to help with set up for that day. 12-1 they’ll decorate and people can drop off candy donations. 5:30 is the start time.
  • D. Christmas Décor Contest: December 17th will be the day for judging.
  • E. Fishing Contest: The last day of the contest is October 31st.
  • F. Observer: Most were delivered today so we will give Brian feedback at the next meeting.

Beach/Pavilion Maintenance Report:  Alex was absent but let Pam know he’ll be taking down the buoys after the Halloween party.

Park Lot Maintenance:  The park lot dock committee hopes to get the renewal letters out within the next few weeks. A tree fell down on G Lot and will be taken down this winter when there is some ice. Another tree was struck by lightning at the beach and Alex and Derek will take care of that one.

Scouting Report:  Teresa reported that the boys had a great camp out with the Handicapable Scouts in Swartz Creek. They’ve had 3 meetings so far and are working hard at their rank achievements. Next up is a “Bucket Camp” at the Morey residence.

Barnes Lake Improvement Board: Burns Rolland gave a recap of the money spent so far this year. The people that wanted their lily pads sprayed had that happen recently. The BLIB was able to do an experiment during the spray to see if the purple loosestrife that’s been taking over can be eradicated. The next BLIB meeting will be held on 10/23 at the Deerfield Township Hall. Burns gave a run down on the topics that will be discussed. The BLIB would like permission to put bags from the dredge on G lot while the silt and water separate which would take 2 to 4 weeks depending on conditions. Brian Menard made a motion to let the bags from the dredge be stored on G Lot and was seconded by Derek Morey. Motion carried.

Correspondence: An unsigned letter that was sent to the board expressing recent violence at other Michigan boat launches was discussed. The sender suggested that we make Barnes Lake a gated community but that idea was quickly dismissed as unnecessary and incredibly expensive.

Old Business:

  • A. Steve Shea Memorial Fireworks Donation: Discussed during the Treasurer’s Report.
  • B. PayPal for BLC dues: It is set up for next year. Derek and Cece will meet and have a trial run and then have Stacey put it on the website.
  • C. Park Lot V survey: Someone pulled out the original stakes from the survey, but Davis has agreed to come and restake for us. We will have to put in metal rods which are harder to pull out. The dimensions of the lot were very large-90x250x435 feet, and a neighboring lots fence was over by about 6 feet.
  • Lawsuit: When speaking with our attorney he would like to have the authority to negotiate a settlement to the lawsuit. Anything would have to be brought to the board for approval before moving forward. We discussed our parameters and non-negotiables. Cece Stramsak made a motion to allow Mike Nolan to negotiate the settlement and was seconded by Brian Menard. Motion passed.

New Business:

  • A. Road Commission Marking and Spraying on Lakeshore Drive: Concerns were brought up as to why the Road Commision was marking on LSD. A call to the Township revealed that the Road Commision and Township are working together to evaluate what they can do about the continuous wash outs. Nothing has been done except a survey and a letter should go out to homeowners sometime soon.

Del Shoopman made a motion to adjourn and was seconded by Cece Stramsak. The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 7:56 PM.
Respectfully submitted, Lacy Minard

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