Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM

Board Members Present: Pam Reid, Del Shoopman, Lacy Minard, Cece Stramsak, Pat Betcher, Derek Morey, Brian Menard, Alex Nikora, Teresa Rolland

Board Members Present: Pam Reid, Del Shoopman, Lacy Minard, Cece Stramsak, Pat Betcher, Derek Morey, Brian Menard, Alex Nikora, Teresa Rolland

Guests: Scott and Theresa Herrick, Tom and Laurie Petts, Ed and Sue St. Pierre, Cory and Travis Compeau, Burns Rolland.

Additions to Agenda: We discussed adding a lost and found to the BLC website (everyone was in favor), people depositing dog waste into other people’s garbage cans or not picking it up in yards (we’ll put a notice in the Observer), and unsupervised kids causing damage to park lots.

Minutes of Last Meeting: Cece Stramsak made a motion to accept the minutes of the July meeting and was seconded by Derek Morey. Motion carried. There are no August minutes this year due to the meeting being canceled on account of the power outage.

Treasurer’s Report: Brian Menard made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and was seconded by Derek Morey. Motion passed.

Membership Update: We closed out the year with 220 members. Discussion ensued about how to garner more members.

Bills for Payment: Cece let us know there was a DTE bill for $70.24 and DeLong charged us $100.

Special Events Reports:

A. Coffee Hour: The next coffee hour is 9/17. Tom and Laurie Petts will be taking over for the Morey’s.

B. Beach Concert: The concert was a huge success. It was well attended and everyone had fun.

C. Barnes Lake Observer Summer/Fall: The articles are due September 12th. We will add a note about the lost and found and dog waste. Discussion ensued about whether to send this issue to everyone or only members. A roll call vote about where to send it resulted in a “nay” by all members of the board except for Dereck Morey who voted to send to everyone. There were more ideas shared about garnering new membership including welcome packets to all the new residents or a BOGO membership promotion.

D. Annual Picnic: This year’s picnic was up 13 guests and made $368 more than last year. It was a great event that was fun for everyone (minus the ridiculous heat). Pat took some great feedback from the attendees.

E. Halloween Party: Pam will begin calling around in October for volunteers. Since we scheduled around a lot of the other community events, we should have good attendance.

Beach/Pavilion Maintenance Report: The estimates we’ve gotten to fix the building are sky high so that’s an ongoing process. The gate has helped keep a large number of nonresidents out this summer. The ramp and dock were damaged by the barge used for dredging but the cement has been fixed and the dock will be soon.

Park Lot Maintenance: Alex reported that he’s been so grateful for the help on the park lots. Trees have fallen on G and M lot and have been taken care of. The trees on E lot have a quote from Steve Lovasz of $800 to remove. A motion was made to approve $800 to remove the two trees on E lot by Alex Nikora and was seconded by Lacy Minard. Motion carried.

Scouting Report: Teresa let us know that the Scouts had their Court of Honor in August. They’ll have a campout September 9-10 at the Morey’s. They’ve had 4 new Webelos attend the meetings and hope that they will crossover.

Barnes Lake Improvement Board: Burns informed us that we’ve had 4 sprays total this year. The purple loosestrife is still spreading and we need to take it out. In regards to the dredging, the bag burst on Oliver’s property and the damage was quite bad. The dredging company and insurance are currently sorting that out. The spoils from the dredge will be distributed back into the watershed at some properties around the lake. The rest of the dredge money will help restore Oliver’s yard. The cooperative lake management program will continue with more samples.

Correspondence: A thank you card from Bob Dismuke’s family

Old Business:

A. Lawsuit: We will find out tomorrow about the the trial dates.

New Business:

A. Free dues: Burns Rolland asked if we could as a club allow free dues for Oliver for the next 5 years since he’s been so accommodating about the use of his property for the dredge. Dereck Morey made a motion that the BLC pay for 5 years of dues for Oliver. A roll call vote ensued and it was unanimously voted through. Motion carried.

B. Road Commision: Questions were asked about what or when the road commission was going to work on the roads. Ray Hayes is still waiting on approval from the state. It was suggested that people can attend meetings at the township hall to get info and voice concerns.

Derek Morey made a motion to adjourn and was seconded by Brian Menard. The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 8:06 PM.

The next meeting is October 5th at the beach pavilion.

Respectfully submitted, Lacy Minard

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