“Weed Talk” by Burns Rolland

~You can expect to see our spray applicators on the lake conducting a survey to monitor weeds this August.

~Dredging at the inlet on the South lake is winding down. When the barrels, pipes and the dredge is gone G-lot can become a marina again. The project will be going until spoils are removed and the lots are restored.

Please don’t enter the private property utilized by the project unless you are authorized by said property owners.

“Weed Talk” by Burns Rolland

Dredging operations will commence July 6th at the inlet channel in the South Lake, adjacent to Park Lot G.

To avoid impeding operations and potential damage to boats it is advised:


Once operations begin, DO NOT ENTER that area. It is anticipated that if everything goes as planned, within 10 days thereafter, dredge will be removed.

Boaters can then resume normal, recreational activity within the work zone.

Geese Update by Laurie Petts

All paperwork was completed this year for the Nest/Egg Destruction on Barnes Lake. 

Goose Busters was able to come out and get 9 nests and 48 eggs. 

Our information was submitted to the DNR.  Unfortunately, the Goose Round-Up program has been cancelled for this year due to High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI).  Relocation of Canada geese has the risk of transporting HPAI around the state and facilitating the spread of the virus. 

Next year we should be able to resume a normal round up program.  Thank you and have a great summer!

“Weed Talk” by Burns Rolland

You may have noticed some activity on the lake initiated by Barnes Lake Improvement Board. Among these efforts in 2022 are:

  • Spring Phosphorus water sampling, Cooperative Lake Management Program
  • Chlorophyl Sampling, CLMP, by lake volunteers, throughout boating season
  • Watershed Study, conducted by Clarke Aquatics
  • Secchi Disk, Water Turbidity Depth measurements, CLMP, by lake volunteers
  • Inlet Channel Dredging (Conducted by Savin) and Spoils Removal
  • Summer Phosphorus water sampling, CLMP, by lake volunteers

We have experienced algae issues just after ice out on Barnes Lake during the last several years. The Lake Improvement Board has scheduled Clarke to spray for algae control & other weeds this week by Thursday, April 28, 2022.
Also note that there have been reports of outboard engine overheating due to shallow waters at south end of lake, caused by sediments plugging of cooling system. It is advised to use your trim systems to run above sediment until further notice.

Burns Rolland, Chairman of Lake lmprovement Board

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